hottie froggie


Ignite the Internet, Don't Burn Your Keyboard!

Created by 𝓜𝓪𝓽𝓽 𝓕𝓾𝓻𝓲𝓮!

Hottie Froggie was most expensive and sold NFT token from Matt Furie Collection.

Always in the shadow of loneliness... She decided it was time for a change. Signs up on Tinder.

An unexpected notification breaks the silence of her day! A spark - she finds common ground with Pepe.

With determination, she picks out her finest outfits. Tonight promises to be extraordinary!

They meet under the candlelight, where a romantic dinner becomes the stage for their conversations.

- Phone vibrates in your pocket Pepe.
- It's not a phone...

And in the end...

Hot Deets

Discover the secrets of $HOTTIE - a creation of Matt Furie, a meme destined to take over the ETH network. Together with $PEPE, they form an electrifying duo ready to ignite the world of cryptocurrencies.

Who is $HOTTIE?

She's a symbol of a new era of internet entertainment, a blend of humor and style that turns up the heat online. Created to add more laughter and positive energy to life, $HOTTIE is more than a meme – she's a cultural phenomenon.

Our Mission

We aim for $HOTTIE and $PEPE to lead us to a world where the internet equals smiles, and every shared moment brings joy. Join us and let $HOTTIE warm your heart in the realm of digital entertainment.

how to buy

step 1

Connect Your Wallet

Visit Uniswap and connect your wallet (e.g., MetaMask, Trust Wallet).

step 2

Select $HOTTIE Token

Choose ETH as your payment and search for $HOTTIE in the "Swap to" field. If not listed, enter the $HOTTIE contract address.

step 3


Input how much ETH you want to swap, check the estimated $HOTTIE you'll receive, adjust slippage if needed, and confirm the swap in your wallet.Make sure your wallet is funded with enough ETH for the purchase and transaction fees.


Token supply: 420 000 000

Contract address: 0x489D79959E6aD1E3FeF7C939A2D889dEfF1668A8

No Blacklists!

Liquidity - burned  🔥

5% supply - CEX listing.

No free tokens!


No Bullshit. It's that simple.


phase 1

Heating Up the Scene

  • Gathering a Fervent Fanbase: We start by inviting everyone to the hottest club in town. We're gathering a community that loves hot topics as much as we love memes. "Join us before it becomes mainstream!"

  • Memes That Ignite: We're creating content that will warm every heart (and server). Every like, share, and retweet is a spark fueling our fire.

  • Hot Challenges: Challenge the community - let them show off their hottest memes. "The best entries will be rewarded... with even more warmth!"

phase 2

Expanding the Flame

  • Forming Hot Connections: Time to ignite collaborations with other hot projects. "When two sparks meet, the flame grows."

  • Broadening Our Reach: We're entering new territories, spreading the embers of our memes further than ever. "Our memes reach places traditional cryptocurrencies fear to tread."

  • Heated Meetings: We organize online meetings and events where you can feel the warmth of our community. "Come to feel the warmth – leave your cold feet with us."

phase 3

Conquering the Peaks

  • Listings on Exchanges: Our goal - to make it onto the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. "$HOTTIE not only heats up the market but boils it!"

  • Climbing the Top Charts: Our memes and tokens are ready to take their place in the crypto Olympus. "Watch us climb to the top, leaving coldness and boredom behind."

  • Hot Bonuses for the Community: For our loyal fans and followers, we've prepared something special. "Rewards so hot, you'll need to handle them with gloves."